Esaro Translations | Services
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translation & localization

“Translating the ideas behind the text… “

We specialize in the production of Swedish material from English, German and Spanish. We are used to work with specific framework, CAT-tools, meeting deadlines and according to specific guidelines.

“Use spell check…”

Do you want to be sure that your text doesn´t have any errors, or if it´s suitable for the target audience? Our proofreaders will fix that for you.

”Content creation is the art of writing freely within a strict guide line and tight time frame…”

We have a long experience of producing Content Creation. Our writers are used to handling both long and short articles/texts with stict guidelines when it comes to form and a targeted audience.

“From sound to text…”

From sound to written text. Contact us if you need a transcription – we handle almost all formats.